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Blue 1, officially Lethal Dawn, is the first Story mission in Lethal League Blaze. The mission is purely exposition as Toxic, disguised as The Queen, explains the backstory behind the Lethal League.


The Queen: Welcome. I'm the one they call the Queen. My sources tell me you want to know about Lethal League. Let's begin. Right now we're in Shine City, an independent metropolis. Nothing much used to happen... Nothing but the dreary grind of everyday life. To escape the endlessness, people started playing a certain ball game. The intense game caught on like wildfire and quickly became the most popular game in the city. That is, until one day...

...one of the players died during a match.

And sure enough... the game was said to be too dangerous and was soon criminalized. So the players and competitions moved underground. The ragtag group who kept the game alive was dubbed the Lethal League. In spite of the ban, these players and their crews compete in the League for challenge and honor. Now with the latest underground tournament coming up, the cops are buzzing around everywhere. I have a feeling something big is about to go down...