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Blue 2 is the second mission of the Blue group of missions in Lethal League Blaze's Story Mode. Either Raptor or Switch must be selected.


Before match:[]

The Queen: The Abandoned Pool in the old east district. The Renegades' hangout. It looks like they're training for Ignite, the upcoming Lethal League tournament.

Switch: I'm telling you... You're stressin' over nothing. We'll take that tournament easily.

Raptor: Let's just get a few more matches in. The Renegades need to start getting up this season... If we play it soft, we're going to lose.

Switch: Don't worry my man... I'm not programmed to lose.

After match:[]

Raptor: I was just getting warmed up!

Switch: Man... we've been doing this all day. Maybe we should, you know, switch things up a little?

Jet: Hey!

Raptor: ...Who's there?

Jet: So you guys are the famous Renegades, huh? I've heard so much about you- and I have to say... I'm interested.

The Match[]

Characters Stage
Raptor, Switch The Abandoned Pool