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Blue 3, officially A Challenger, is the third Blue Story mission in Lethal League Blaze. Either Switch or Jet must be selected.


Before match[]

The Queen: The Renegades were confronted by a mysterious challenger. Who is this bubbly jetpack girl?

Jet: Name's Jet. I was told your crew was one of the best in town. Wanna prove it to me?

Switch: Sweet! You've got perfect timing.

Raptor: I'll pass. You wanted to change things up right? She's all yours.

Jet: Fine with me! Come at me, won't ya?

After match[]

Switch: You're not as bad as I thought!

Jet: You're not to bad yourself. Where did baseball boy run off to anyway?

Switch: You mean Raptor? Nah, he just likes to roam around sometimes. Can't keep him anywhere for too long.

Jet: I see. Well... My own crew got nabbed the other day.

The Match[]

Characters Stage
Switch, Jet The Abandoned Pool