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Blue 4B, officially The Tri Government, is the last Story mission of the first Blue branch in Lethal League Blaze.


The Queen: Shine City... I rule an underground network in this city, that's why they call me the Queen. Shine City as a whole is an independent city state ruled by Tri, a government of three powers. One of the powers is the Police Department. Their officers are out upholding the law and roughing up people who stand in their way. They get their orders from the second power, City Council. All propped up in their little boardroom, thinking they know best. And then thirdly, there's the Head of State. To be honest... Nobody really knows how much power he has...

After outlawing the ball game, the Tri government said that to protect the people, anti-gravity would have to be regulated. Soon after, the government held a monopoly on all anti-gravity technology. Now they just use it to make those cute little police drones. So players started to steal police drones to play the game. This annoys the police force, but the Lethal League was never that high on their list. To them, we're just some punks. Lately, however, this has begun to change. City council is starting to say that the Lethal League is a threat to society. And now players are getting busted left and right. What are they up to?