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"Whoop! Huh-ha, look out!"
―Candyman, when using his Special

Candyman is a playable character in Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze. He appears as a starter character in both games.

Blaze Bio[]

Candyman is a tap-dancing dandy with a big yellow head. He hits the ball with his cane and he has a special ability to change the chemical composition of certain objects to give them strange and odd properties due to his mutation. He’s jazzy, expressive and crazy. Always enjoying himself too...



In LL1, Candyman's special movement ability is slightly less advanced than the other characters. Rather than activating some method of reaching the top of the stage, his jumps are naturally higher than the other characters. This consequently limits his ability to short-hop.

In Blaze, Candyman retains the highest jump in the game. However, Candyman also gains the ability to teleport by sliding into the wall (also known as a "wall port"), causing him to reappear on the opposite side of the stage.

Special Attack[]

Candyman's special (aka "candy-ball") changes the properties of the ball for a brief period of time, allowing it to phase through walls. The candy-ball will appear on the surface parallel to the one it entered with the same angle as before. For example, if the ball hits the left wall, it will show up on the right wall, and if it hits the floor it will go to the ceiling. Candy's special gets cancelled once it hits two different surfaces, however Candy can continue his special forever ("candy-chain") by hitting the candy-ball before it bounces. Hitting the ball in Candy's special has a shortened hitlag (between 20-50 frames, depending on speed), which allows Candyman to overwhelm his opponent by quickly chaining the ball around the stage.


  • While a Candyman can be used to describe someone who sells actual candy, it is also slang for someone who is a drug dealer.
    • Relating to this, Candyman's mutation could be from drug use, but this hasn't been proven.
  • Candyman wears a Bowler Hat, a fashion accessory popularized by the British and in areas of the world colonized by the British, in the Victoria era. In the 20th and 21st century, it regained popularity due to many British celebrities publicly wearing Bowler Hats, with movie villains such as Oddjob from the James Bond film Goldfinger using a bowler hat as a weapon. However, Candyman's bowler hat is completely visual, and cannot be used as a weapon.
  • In a Christmas update, Candyman is shown wearing a Santa-like costume. He dons a red Santa Hat and Green suit. Yet, his cane retains its normal appearance.
  • Game-dev Dion stated that his design was partially inspired by an episode of Black Dynamite "Trouble on Puppet Street".
  • His birthday is on June 11.
  • The voice actor is the original creator of the 2008 meme, "Trollface".

Voice Clips from Blaze[]

Origin Audio Quote
Game Win


Getting Hit




Intense Swing




"Have a jawbreaker!"










Normal Swing








"Heheh haha!"

"Heheh ha!"



Special Activation

"Whoop! Huh-ha, look out!"


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