The City Streets stage, with 2 players fighting against eachother.

City Streets is one of the seven stages in Lethal League.

It reappears in Lethal League Blaze.

Details[edit | edit source]

This stage depicts an urban street with a view of the night sky. The boundaries of the stage are created by traffic lights, and there is an APC with a slowly rotating turret in the background.There also appear to be rioting crowds behind various barriers down the street and in nearby buildings.

The music for this stage is Scream by Bignic, and the stage is home to Sonata.

Tournament Meta[edit | edit source]

Being a well-rounded stage, Sonata maintains effectiveness with her maneuverability while other characters are still able to keep their options open. A good Candyman has a few options in regards to combos with his special, and all other characters have reasonable synergy with this stage.

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