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Dust and Ashes are playable characters in Lethal League Blaze. They were added in the Shadow Surge Update on October 31, 2019.

Blaze Bio[]

Sentenced to death and hanged. In his final moment he was hit by lightning. The word 'Dust' echoed in his mind as he was thrown into a state of limbo between life and death. His shadow was split from his body and turned into an entity called Ashes. Dust carries with him a watch that stopped on the exact time of his execution.


Dust was a man supposedly framed for killing someone, assumed to be in a Lethal League match. Upon being hanged, a fork of lightning not only struck his rope noose, but broke his watch, and either seriously harmed, or killed the chief of Shine City Police. After he came to in the afterlife, he was split from his shadow, creating the being known as Ashes.


While in the air, you can hold jump to turn Ashes into a parachute to safely float down. This is a situational ability, but when used correctly, it can be effective.


By using his special, Dust can make Ashes grab the ball and hit it again. This ability can be used a number if ways, mainly as a mix-up tool. You can also make Ashes bunt the ball.



  • Many have pointed out the similarity between Ashes and the ghost-like Stands from the popular Japanese manga and animated TV series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • His line "It's Showtime" may be a reference to the 1988 Tim Burton Film Beetlejuice as Beetlejuice, another undead abomination with a gravely voice, says the same line.