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Industrial Outskirts is one of the seven stages in Lethal League. The stage reappears

in Lethal League Blaze and can be unlocked by playing 1520 matches.


This stage's background appearance is a desert like area with a factory to the east. To the west of the stage is a rocky mountain-like area. There is also a sunset that can be seen in the distance of the background.

The music for this stage is Headbangeren by Doktor Lazer, and the stage is home to Raptor.

Tournament Meta[]

This is one of the more commonly used stages, along with the Underground Sewer System.

This stage has plenty of open space for any character and playstyle. Candyman has limited options with his special, while any other character's special moves remain mostly effective. The space it grants can lead to bunt-smash duels, since it's so long. Due to it's length, having the ability to reach the top of the stage is not much of an issue, as a ball at the top of the stage is likely to just bounce off the ceiling in a predictable way instead of off the the ceiling and into a wall. Candyman and Sonata can, however, take advantage of their ability to get to the top of the stage quickly and easily without a wall.