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Jet is a playable character in Lethal League Blaze.


Jet is an inline skater with a shark jetpack and a bubbly personality and style. She rules the bay area streets where even the cops fall for her charms. She uses her quick kicks to play and her skates have a special mechanism that can encase the ball in a bubble.



Jet has a jetpack which she can use to glide in the air for a maximum of 1.067 seconds. She also has a Taunt Hover ability, which allows her to activate glide at any time by holding the Taunt key in the air. Jet's taunt hover gets reset once after hitting the ball and reset once after each jump, meaning she can taunt hover a maximum of four times in the air.

 Special Attack[]

Jet encases the ball in a bubble for a short time, which can parry an enemies swing or bunt attack. Jet can hit the encased ball and either choose to release it in a quick burst, or she can encase it one more time. Despite enemies being parried for swinging or bunting the encased ball, they can still grab the ball out of the bubble and throw it in any direction.



  • Jet's home stage is The Subways.
  • Jet's design and name is a reference to the video game series Jet Set Radio.
  • Jet's new Firefighter outfit is base on the anime & manga Fire Force.
  • Jet is 17.