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Nitro is a playable character in Lethal League Blaze.

Blaze Bio[]

Nitro is an ex-cop vigilante. Unsatisfied with the police force, he deserted to fight crime on his own. He decided to enter the Lethal League to help in his investigations. Nitro does not know the meaning of 'undercover' and likes to make his presence well known before he deals out justice with his giant cuff-gun.


After hitting the ball, Nitro can cuff the ball with his cuff-gun. The release timer is not altered as a result of cuffing the ball. Once the ball is released, Nitro can choose to either grapple towards the ball by holding the "Swing" attack button after the ball hits a wall, or he can let the ball bounce right back to him, both of which will let Nitro hit the ball a second time. He can also "half-cuff" by holding backwards while grappling. At the end of special, Nitro can choose an angle normally, or he can bunt out of special.

Nitro's special is great for "cheesing" opponents. He can use his cuff to create frame traps at low speeds.



  • Nitro shares the same home stage as Sonata, being the Central Streets.
  • Nitro is most likely a reference to Judge Dredd.
  • Nitro is one of the two characters that does not have additional mobility, the other being Grid.