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Raptor is a playable character in Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze. He appears as a starter character in both games.


Raptor is a rookie in the Lethal League scene, hailing from the south. Though young, he’s very determined and fiercely competitive. His weapon of choice is a metal baseball bat and his special ability allows him to twist around and quickly hit the ball two times in a row.


Raptor can wall-jump by jumping into the wall and jumping again. He can also wall-slide by pressing against the wall and not jumping off. The wall-slide is lost if he touches the floor. This can be used to gain quick height on the ball and enemy player. If the Raptor player rapidly presses jump while pushing toward a wall, Raptor can stay in the air against the wall forever.

Special Attack[]

After hitting the ball, Raptor can either hit the big ball again in one of six angles, plus a bonus smash angle when grounded; or bunt it. The timing of this ability can be altered by holding down the button for varying lengths of time, and if it's held for the longest possible time, the ball's speed will be doubled like a smash. Using this ability resets the hitlag timer, so it can be used at the very beginning of hitlag to shorten it or used at the very end to lengthen it. If the Raptor player jumps immediately after activating the bunt version can lead into another hit, bunt, or grab of the ball. It can be used to quickly hit the Ball towards an unexpecting opponent before or after they expect the ball to be hit.


  • Raptor likely got his namesake from the Velociraptor dinosaur, or one of the unofficial names for birds of prey, the raptor. "Because he is viciously competitive." [1]
  • Raptor's home-stage is supposedly Industrial Outskirts.
  • Raptor's taunt may be a reference to the show Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • His birthday is on January 19.
  • In Blaze, his arms and legs appear to be heavily stitched up, emulating the appearance of the stitches on a baseball.
  • Even though Raptor is a rookie player of the lethal league in the game's story, he is the first ever character as the only character of the flash prototype for Lethal league.


Raptor is said to be grandson of 'Rex', founder of Rex Works, which we learn of through Latch's L2 Mecha Skin. It is said in Lethal League Blaze's Story Mode that an explosion happened, causing the assumed death of Rex, and causing Raptor to be stitched up with baseball stitches, presumably by Toxic.

Reason for joining the Lethal League: Finding out what happened to Rex


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