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"Beat and broken."
―Sonata, after winning a match

Sonata is a playable character in Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze.

Blaze Bio[]

As a renowned b-girl and emcee Sonata can hype up any crowd, at any time. She carries a custom boombox hammer and wields it effortlessly, owing to her diligent training. Having a big reputation, Sonata is often challenged. She however, never backs down from a callout.


Sonata has a double-jump activated by pressing jump again mid air. (In Blaze, this is changed to a triple jump as every character now has a double jump)

Special Attack[]

Sonata controls the ball by 'hitting' it multiple times in the air. Activated by hitting melee once you hit the ball it can then be controlled by hitting a direction again (Up, Down, Forward, Back) until it collides with a surface. This gives her a large number of possible mixups, including dodging bunts and hits, moving the ball towards or away from the opponent, or making the ball hit a wall to catch it again herself.


  • A Sonata is an instrumental piece of music, usually with accompaniment from a piano.
  • Sonata's boombox hammer is similar in design to the jukebox featured at the bottom of the game screen, and is designed similarly to Doombox's eyes as well. The end of her hammer also has a microphone.
  • Sonata is a b-girl, which means that she frequents bars or dance venues and encourages patrons to buy drinks and engages in break-dancing.
  • Her birthday is August 10.


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