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Lethal League features seven separate stages with varying locations and theme. The game's sequel, Lethal League Blaze, was released with ten new stages in 3D, some of which are remastered versions of stages from the original game. Blaze also features the original game's stages as "Retro" stages, which can be unlocked by playing matches.

When the ball reaches 250 speed or above, the stages will change to "Eclipse Mode", which features a separate color palette and/or changes visual elements to heighten the intensity of the moment.

Stages from Lethal League Blaze

Outskirts preview.png
The sewers preview.png
Scrap desert preview.png
Outskirts (Blaze) The Sewers (Blaze) Scrap Desert
New rise district preview.png
Workbot factory preview.png
The subways preview.png
New Rise District Workbot Factory The Subways
Paradise field preview.png
Central streets preview.png
Abandoned pool preview.png
Paradise Field Central Streets Abandoned Pool (Blaze)
Room 21 preview.png
Room 21 (Blaze)

Stages from Lethal League

Abandoned pool.png
Underground sewer system.png
Industrial Outskirts Abandoned Pool Underground Sewer System
Room 21.png
261180 screenshots 2014-10-08 00021.jpg
Hammer express.png
Room 21 City Streets Hammer Express
State Manufacturing Facility