State Manufacturing Facility is one of the seven stages in the game. The fighting takes place on a bridge overlooking a factory. There are a number of valves and pipes in the background. A logo looking similar to the FPS Team Fortress 2 can be found, along with valves scattered. This is a reference to the company who developed Steam, Valve.

The music for this stage is Error by Ishanna, and the stage remains to the character Switch.

Tournament Meta[edit | edit source]

It should be noted that while the switchflip is an effective special, on this map the angle is nearly completely negated, while Switch's other angles remain effective.

Candyman can take advantage of the shortness of the stage with his down angle while in a neutral, due to it's largely horizontal nature, but it is difficult to get any combos off with him on this stage. Many characters lose effectiveness with their special mobility, save for Latch whom is arguably more effective on the wall in this stage, due to the nature of his hitboxes while on the wall.

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