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"Hahaha! The critical error was you!"
―Victory quote

Switch is a playable character in Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze. He appears as a starter character in both games.

Blaze Bio[]

Switch is a skateboarding ex-working class robot. He uses his skateboard and skateboard tricks to hit the ball. He sports cargo pants to stop filth getting into his leg joints when speeding across the city. Very unlike his old robot peers, he’s carefree, a daredevil, and he likes a challenge.


By holding the jump button while riding towards a wall, switch can perform a wall ride. You can cancel the wall ride after releasing the jump button. However, if you hold the jump button, Switch will ride up the entire wall and eventually ride on the ceiling. From here, you can use hit to cancel the wall ride into a hit. You can also just let Switch ride on the wall until he reaches the top left or top right corner of the stage, at which point the game will automatically force you to stop wall riding.

Special Attack[]

Switch can use his special in three different ways:

  • Jumping and then emoting while in midair.
  • Crouching and then hitting the emote button.
  • Hitting during the hitlag created by an overhead smash.

This special in its raw form, when one uses a jump input whilst midair to hit the ball, has little hitlag at any ball speed. When used during hitlag it launches the ball at a predetermined shallow angle, which can be only manipulated by changing the launch direction to either left or right. Use of this special during his smash is sometimes known as a "Quickflip" and is made more effective with use of a bunt, significantly reducing hitlag. Like many other specials, no additional hitlag is generated when using his special in this way. This means it's much more beneficial to use his overhead special at the end of hitlag rather than the beginning.


  • His name is Switch because he rides Switch on his skateboard, and not the fact that he is a robot. (Riding switch means a skater puts their lead foot on the back and back foot in the front "switching around" their foot placement)
  • His home-stage is Abandoned Pool.
  • Switch's special attack, the switch flip, is a skateboarding trick where the skateboarder switches their stance, with their lead foot on the tail of the skateboard and their back foot is in the middle of the board, followed by a kick flip. The term "quickflip," which is used to describe switch's special when used in a way that reduces hitlag, is not an official term in skateboarding, but is a term that skateboarders use when doing a quick switch flip or kick flip.
  • Switch's name was originally going to be "Trucks", but the name was later changed.
  • Switch is one of the few characters that can change his appearance in Lethal League Blaze. By hitting taunt and then quickly holding up and bunt, you can make Switch's hat backwards to match his appearance in the original Lethal League.


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