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"Hail to the queen, baby."
―Toxic, after winning a match

Toxic, known as The Queen in Story, is a playable character in Lethal League Blaze. She was added in Version 1.12 on March 8, 2019.

Blaze Bio[]

Shine City's infamous graffiti queen. She sports a huge mechanical arm, loaded with spray cans, which she uses to complete the paint wherever she pleases. Toxic has a network of graffiti writers spread out over the city that give her the low-down on all the happenings in the streets.


With an average move speed and a heavy swing speed, her ground game is not one to underestimate. Paired with her special move of spraying a wall of her choosing to offer an variety of mix-ups with the use of well timed bunts, she can easily show you why she was hailed the queen of Shine City.


Upon activation, Toxic shoots graffiti at the same angle as a swung ball would follow. At this point, the player can make one of two choices: either let the ball follow through towards the graffiti, or choose a different angle for the ball to follow for a mix-up. If the ball at any point were to touch the graffiti, either by the opponent's doing or the player's, the ball locks onto the opponent and follows their last position. The graffiti that is placed is big enough to cover Toxic; she either needs to cling onto the wall or crouch in the hit-box of the graffiti to effectively use it as such.

Another way of activating her special is to cling onto the wall and press the swing button. This automatically marks the wall with graffiti.



  • Before her release, she was teased in multiple instances. The most notable instance is the countdown which also teased another character that has yet to release prior to Toxic's inclusion. Her first "leak" was actually from a bundle that came with the downloadable soundtrack on the Steam store. Upon opening the local files, accessing soundtrack, and clicking artwork, a silhouette of Toxic can be seen.