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LLB White 3 Round 2.png

White 3, officially Round 2, is the third White Story mission in Lethal League Blaze. Any character can be selected.


Before match[]

???: Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here with us. This round will be using a special format. As for our contestants... You are all so different... And unique. You don't need to depend on a teammate. They are not the same as you are so, naturally, they become a liability... It's just not safe. And because of that reason this round will be a show of individual talent!!

Raptor: What is going on now? I just wanna win this thing.

Latch: Who is this guy? What happened to the emcee?

Jet: This is my chance to sneak in!

After match[]

Jet: Look at how many people came to see the tournament!

???: You reckless fools!! We showed you all how dangerous the Lethal League really is. But you ignored us!! And now, still, you refuse to see the truth.

No matter. Our special guest has arrived...