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White 4, officially The Final Round, is the last White mission and the last mission in Story. Before the mission starts, any character can be selected.


Before match[]

???: Behold. The machine of chaos... Transformed!! We have made it into our weapon of safety! The world is such a dangerous place. Especially with you people going around ignoring the law. You fail to understand... That we only care about your well-being. You don't need freedom. You don't need public space. All this causes is suffering and repression! But if we can only divide all the different people into their own personal space... There will never be any social conflict at all! Each individual can be happy without making someone else unhappy! That is Safety Universe. Our final goal, the ultimate peace. And if you are not with us... Then you are the enemy of Safety. And therefore the enemy of us, the Safety League.

Nitro: ...That is not what justice is. You've forced your flawed ideology on the council, but you haven't fooled me!

Dice: So it wasn't just the Tri government after all... Who would have thought the Safety League had such high ambitions? But it's naive. There will always be social conflict.

Grid: Interesting... However, that kind of safety would be bad for business.

???: Enough of that. I didn't ask for your petty comments. Doombox, dispose of these characters please. One at a time if possible. Make an example of them.

After match[]



MC Inferno: And we're back baby!! Okay, we didn't exactly plan for that to happen. But I hope you enjoyed the show anyway!! See y'all at the next Ignite tournament!! I'm outta here!!

The Queen: And so, this story comes to an end. With the technical expertise of Latch, Doombox got fully repaired and unmixed back to his old raging self. The rogue investigations of Nitro eventually led the police to the crimes of many of the key Safety League figures. He got offered his job back, but he refused. Many of the corrupt government officials who went running got rounded up too with the help of Dice. Jet's squad got released and have been making the bay area streets unsafe again. The Renegades, Raptor and Switch, went straight back to practicing in the east district. Sonata and Grid split up back to their own turf. And Candyman went off the radar as he usually does. Safety League's ideals looked well-intentioned, but it came at the price of everything else. If you can't be rowdy, it doesn't feel like true peace. But peace we do value. Peace, unity, passion... and just having fun. And no weak shit.